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coffee talk tuesday #1

Hey Babe!

Well, you're witnessing history.. 

ok, a little dramatic.. but...

The first official Coffee Talk Tuesday!!! I know, SUPER exciting. This pup thinks so at least...

 But for reals, I want this weekly letter to be fun, exciting, interesting, delightful and most of all HELPFUL to my Java Babe fam! Family? Yes. If you drink J Babe or are on this list you are officially part of the Java Babe family. 

We are a community of babes looking to empower one another - whether you're looking to lose a few pounds, stay fit, or just stay motivated to live a healthy active lifestyle, we want to create an environment for you to be uplifted and motivated. Only positivity from the Java Babe fam. But I also don't want this to be one of those super boring "email newsletters," - no one got time for those :) 

Instead I want to bring you value in the hopes that you are encouraged and motivated to be the best babe you can be. I suppose I'm exposing my true reason for creating Java Babe coffee. Who am I you ask? Well that doesn't really matter. Just know that I'm your biggest cheerleader and encourager. Your positive virtual bestie who can shoot you straight and tell it like it is - all while helping you get fit and stay fit. 

Quick sidenote...

This leads me to a HUGE pet peeve of mine...  the "diet" industry. We as women have the constant barrage of babe photos hitting us from every angle on what "beauty" looks like. Well the truth of the matter is that all of our bodies are different. We were all built in different ways. And that's OK! 

What we have to remember is that weight loss isn't necessarily the goal (although it is nice). The real goal is self confidence. Now, I'm not going to overload you with a bunch of hype about how you need to believe in yourself. You already know that. What you need is that friend or confidant who will shoot you straight and give you the direction you need to get on track and STAY on track :) 

This leads me back to coffee... (this is what we call a transition :) )

Coffee is amazing (we all know that) but Java Babe represents more than a coffee company. It represents the ideal lifestyle. The lifestyle you want to create for yourself :) 

Babes are waking up all over the world to the power of Java Babe filling their morning coffee mug. It sets the tone for the day and gets your babeness (yes, new word) kicked into full throttle. A jumpstart to your metabolism, a reawakened sense of awareness and clarity and a crash free energy to get you through your day.  Not a bad morning in my book. 

So... hopefully you enjoy these coffee talk Tuesdays and at the very least, hope they put a smile on your face. Each Tuesday you can expect a letter meant to encourage you, keep you motivated, and possibly give you a laugh or two. We are in this thing called life together, so lets be there for each other.

Java Babe

PS. We love to hear feedback from our babes and this is by no means a one way communication. If you drink Java Babe and are loving the way you feel, we would LOVE to hear from you :) Simply reply to this email and let us know.

PPS. Feel free to follow us on instagram here - @javababecoffee  

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