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coffee talk tuesday #2

Hey Babe!

Another Coffee Talk Tuesday is upon us!

Last week we went over what Coffee Talk Tuesday was all about and this week we are going to dive in to a little bit about happiness...

Why happiness you ask? Happiness is something that we all strive for. There isn't a person on Earth who doesn't want and desire it.

The real question is... how do we attain it? Simple question, not so simple answer.

You might have heard of the 3 main areas of life that you
need to be happy. HEALTH, WEALTH, and LOVE.

Let me explain.. Think about these areas for a minute. Without one, the other two won't be able to bring you true happiness.

For example, without love you can have all the money in the world and still be miserable. Without health you can't enjoy your love or money. And without wealth it's a struggle to be able to do the things you need to survive and thrive.

Lets point the spot light on health for a moment. I believe health is the foundation for a happy life - the cornerstone if you will. It is the most optimal place to start that has the single biggest impact on pushing oneself into the direction of happiness.

As I briefly chatted about in the last CTT (Coffee Talk Tuesday), I always want you to feel uplifted and motivated. One of THE easiest ways to feel motivated throughout your day is to lead an active lifestyle and get yourself into the routine of being healthy - keyword: ROUTINE.

Routines are usually hard at first, but over time become a part of who you are, and if the routine you set is a positive, highly beneficial one, you can then move on to bigger goals.

Let's start with a really simple example to start...

There is a great book called The Miracle Morning (very insightful and puts a fresh look on morning routines). The following is a modification from that book to get you started:

Wake up 15 minutes earlier (I know.. SOOO hard), drink your cup of Java Babe, sit for 5 minutes in silence (to think/meditate), read a book of your choice for 5 minutes and then do 2 sets of 20 air squats.

This is a routine some of our babes are doing and it's amazing what a simple routine like this can do for you at the start of your day.

It may not seem like much but lets break it down for you.

1. Java Babe wakes your mind up, gives you your antioxidant boost and also wakes up your body and kick starts your metabolism for the day.
2. Meditating (or thinking in silence) can really be a simple eye opening experience. Helps control your thoughts and puts you into a relaxed mental state of focus (this does't have to be weird babe)
3. Reading a book (anything works, but others have read self help books, the Bible, or even a novel) allows you to learn something new that you may be able to carry with you throughout the day. Just a little nugget of inspiration can be enough to get you motivated or keep you motivated.

All it takes is a little action on your part. Why not give it a shot? You might be surprised how you feel.

Lets get on the happy train babe! First stop, get healthy and stay healthy :)

As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. We are here for you!

Java Babe

PS If you are a current Java Babe drinker and have a story you would like to share. Please email and tell us. We love hearing how Java Babe is impacting babes all over the place. 

Links Mentioned: The Miracle Morning

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