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Cyber Monday SALE!!!

Hey Babe!

I hope you are ready for a crazy weekend of savings because we sure are! As you probably know, we are in the midst of one of the best (and craziest) shopping times of the year! Black Friday has passed but the fun isn't stopping! It's Cyber Monday!

It's almost as crazy as a cat in a yellow wig :)

At one point, we weren't even going to have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, but that just wouldn't be fun would it?!

We started thinking about all that turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie etc etc we've eaten and we decided we needed to give our babe fam a little metabolism pick me up going into the holiday season.   

So I'll keep this short and sweet for you...

We are having 2 simple sales this weekend starting RIGHT NOW lasting until the end of Cyber Monday.

Here they are:

Option 1 (by popular demand)...

We are going to lay it out for you. This is THE BEST sale we have ever done. You can get your first bag of Java Babe at 50% off just for trying The Babe Club.

We want you to be able to try out The Babe Club and see if it's for you. If you love it, do nothing and you'll continue to save 20% each month and never miss out on your supply of Java Babe. In the rare case you want to cancel or even postpone, it's a simple click away. Nothing to worry about :)

Go here and add the Babe Club to your cart and then enter the code below:
Use Code: BLACK50

Option 2...

If The Babe Club isn't for you, we are offering a 30% discount for all other stand alone orders! Simple and effective! Order as many bags as you need. Christmas Gifts anyone??

Go here and enter the code below:
Use Code: FRIDAY30

If you live in the US I hope your Thanksgiving was spectacular and filled with way too much food. Christmas and the New Year are around the corner and Java Babe is here to kick your bod into metabolism boosting mode to get you through the rest of this holiday season!

These codes expire Monday night at Midnight so get on it! Limited supply ;)

Java Babe

PS. If you have been on the fence, this is your time to get on the Java Babe train. Lots of babes all over are loving their new morning coffee and the testimonials have been nothing short of spectacular! Also, Java Babe lats 18+ months unopened so you have time :)

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