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The Key Is In The Ingredients

What makes Java Babe such a unique fat burning coffee? Well, the truth is everything. Every aspect of Java Babe makes it so special and unique that you really can't pinpoint just one thing.

The source of our ingredients is the best, the quality is the best, and our secret patented infusion roasting process is the magic that binds everything together and creates a coffee like you've never experienced before.

But... we understand that our babes want to know what they are putting into their bodies, so here are the magical 6 ingredients that will catapult your metabolism into the stratosphere and awaken your brain to it's full potential along with a myriad of other body benefits.


premium arabica coffee beans


The highest quality beans from South America are used to serve as the foundation of Java Babe making each cup rich, bold, delicious and full of flavor. We take taste VERY seriously around Java Babe HQ and want every sip to be as mesmerizing as the last.

premium matcha green tea


This ancient Chinese tea is packed with super antioxidants and L-theanine, which will help boost your memory and concentration while giving you a clean energy burn for hours. It's one of the secret components to the no crash part of Java Babe.

premium yerba mate


Yerba Mate is considered one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It will give you extreme mental clarity, is packed with tons of antioxidants, and is known to aid in weight loss

premium rooibos red tea


This powerhouse tea is known for it's tummy calming and anti-aging properties. It is also known for its skin health properties keeping you glowing and radiant. What babe doesn't want to be glowing AND radiant? I'm in!


premium garcinia cambogia 


This powerful super fruit is all the rage because it works. 60% HCA is used because that is the most effective amount your body needs to suppress appetite and help prevent fat storage. Garcinia also suppresses sugar cravings and increases serotonin helping energy levels!


love + infusion



No, seriously. Each batch of Java Babe is roasted with love, but the real magic happens during the roasting process when all ingredients are carefully infused together locking in their full fat-burning and antioxidant potential. This is the real secret sauce and magic behind Java Babe. The ingredients by themselves are wonderful, but the way we roast them together makes ALL the difference. It's about time you get your hands on some...


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